Quality & Fit

Through the fads and revolutions of men’s dress in the latter part of the 20th century, Carroll & Co. has remained the oldest continuously operating family-owned business in Beverly Hills based on four simple principles.

Customer Service Second to None

Carroll & Co.’s sales staff combines over 200 years of experience in men’s clothing. Our understanding of classic styling made to measure tailoring, proper coordination and satisfying the needs of a discerning customer is the best in the business. Each of our sales associates takes the time to understand the individual customer and applies their keen sense of styling to fashion a unique and appropriate personal style to every customer experience.

Customers For Life

Many of our customer-friends are 2nd and 3rd generation clients. This is because Carroll & Co offers a level of quality and personalized service that only a family-owned store can deliver.

  • We strive to provide our clients with unique merchandise from the finest manufacturers in the world.
  • We consistently meet the toughest client deadlines, deal with emergencies, and even bring made-to-measure services and tailoring to homes and offices.
  • We strive to keep our client’s clothes looking great, gladly repairing cuffs, linings, broken buttons, and belt loops at no charge because it’s the right thing to do for the relationships that Carroll & Co. values.
  • We are very careful with our pricing structure, never marking anything higher than it needs to be.

Offer Clothing With Integrity

We seek out unique and finely made clothing, often times tailored or knitted by small artisan manufacturers in North America, Scotland, Switzerland and Italy.

Provide Better Fit and Tailoring

We maintain our tailor shop on the premises with three master tailors along with a full support staff. We take superior fitting garments and make them look the best they can. Most alterations are done by hand – we don’t cut corners. Standard alterations are done at no extra charge, unlike many of our competitors.

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